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Saturday, 28 August 2010


It's been an invigorating Summer to say the least. I'm very glad to be back, preparing now for Oubliette Issue 4. As usual, I am screaming things like "WHAT? I CAN'T DRAW THAT!" whilst composing the picture in my head, discarding and recomposing to my satisfaction.

My table is awash with pencillings, some completely unnecessary. One is of an Enchantress. Technically, she's correctly drawn, but there's something massively disturbing about her. What is wrong with me? Why must kink work its way into things drawn with an intent so pure?

I may have to work her into Issue 5.

I will have to wait until Peter says "Definitely not! NO. Nonononononononononono. Really, No!" to post a drawing, so stand by, he tends to say that a lot on the way to the finished article.

Anyway, must get back to it. So glad to be back.

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