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Thursday, 15 July 2010


When Peter asked me to draw Barbarians for the PDF heroes, it had just so happened that I'd watched an episode of "Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends" in which he had investigated muscle worship. The show had ended with a look at muscle women and the men who felt that women body-builders were the epitome of feminine beauty. This picture of Sevar, a barbarian female, is spectacularly un-detailed, but that's because it was to be shrunk in size to make a pdf counter. Her shape, however, is based on what was burned into my brain by extreme close-up photography of womanly brawn.

Inspiration is everywhere, but it can prove confusing if you allow it to overload you, as I invariably do. I need to get me some new filters on reality.

I'm currently sketching up an Oubliette Cover for Issue 4, but now have to split my head between three ideas. I hate it when this happens. I feel like the word Impasse has suddenly taken on human form and is beating me over the head with my ruler. See, now that I've described that, I've just done a black and white cartoon in my head of Impasse assaulting me. I don't think Peter would accept that as a cover, so it's pointless drawing it.

Or is it?

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