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Friday, 11 June 2010

Coming Soon to Your Local Games Store (1994)

Until yesterday I had several van-loads of belongings in storage, mainly due to a house move.  Now I've emptied the unit, I've uncovered several boxes of old gaming materials.  Mostly magazines, but a few other interesting bits and pieces, and hundreds of old miniatures.  

On the top of the first box was a "Special Collector's" Issue 200 of Dragon magazine.  I had a flip through it and was stunned with what I found halfway through.  At the centre of this milestone, and at 170 pages, supersized issue what treat did TSR have for its loyal followers?  A 15 page advertorial and a detachable 28" x 18" full colour AD&D product release schedule for 1994.

It features 100+ products spread across the various campaign settings.  For me it's a perfect example of where marketing went wrong in gaming.  Imagine how great it would have been if they'd included a pull-out game supplement with a fold-out map.  As I go through my gaming boxes I'll add more items that catch my eye.  I'll also include some of the gaming purchases I'd rather forget.

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