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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Rationale for the magazine

After a 15 year break from gaming two of my old friends met up with me last summer and we decided to start playing again.  One of them told us about a game called Labyrinth Lord and since then we've not looked back.  We meet up around once a month and already have 2 campaigns on the go.

Playing again had me sorting through boxes of old magazines and games from the attic with rediscovered interest.  After flipping through some early back issues of White Dwarf I got thinking how great it would be to have a magazine that would suit gaming's old school renaissance.  When I thought some more, I decided that I could produce one, and two days later I'd had a list of ideas for articles a couple of pages long and the name.

I plan to release the first issue of the magazine in April and it will be a $2 download from  I'm currently working on the layout but expect the magazine to be 30+ pages for the launch.

Next week I'll put up a contents list for the first issue.


  1. Ooh goody, a British zine. Does that mean we'll actually get British spelling instead of American? From Hopeful Aussie. :)

  2. Yes, British spelling throughout. I don't mind American spelling, but if I try to do the magazine with it, I think it would end up half and half, which would be a mess.

  3. "After a 15 year break from gaming two of my old friends met up with me last summer and we decided to start playing again."

    Snap! Almost. Probably not played an RPG for about 15 years, recently got box after box of books from storage, had a brief splurge* on vintage RPG books on ebay, and have been introducing friends and family to a couple of games. Being a hell of a lot more mature is a great help. Hopefully I'll get a core of them to stick with it. If not I have a lot of lovely books!

    *The splurge was expensive, but with a few exceptions I'm rarely paying that much more than the 1980s-1990s cover price for a book, and given how expensive some contemporary games can be - WFRP 3ed is £70! - entirely reasonable.