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Friday, 1 May 2015

12 Tile Beermat Map

Today I wanted to show how my Geomorphic Beermats may be used to create a larger map. I've stuck to the standard 8 entry/exit point layout, but with the addition of half and quarter tiles for edges and corners (I think Dyson used a similar layout last week and I it was really effective).

The map is based on an adventure idea I've been thinking about for a while. It is essentially a large underground necropolis, with the added bonus of a tribe of Goblins tunneling into it from the south-east.

The Kickstarter for the Beermats is entering its final 48 hours soon. If you still haven't taken a look here's the link:

When I write it up I may do a new version of the map but I think I'll keep most of the elements presented here.

Below I've included the rough pencil version of the map that I drew out and about earlier in the week, and also the beermat (12 beermats used) components cut ready.

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