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Combat Counters -- Kicktraq Mini

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Dragonmeet Saturday 30th November

I'm just making the final preparations for https://www.dragonmeet.co.uk/ on Saturday. We've got lots of goodies to sell, many of which are things that you won't find anywhere else. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The Black Hack boxed sets, books and extras.
  • The Midderlands books, zines and extras. Plus the rest of Monkey Blood Design's range. If you buy any Midderlands/MBD product you get a free A2 Ryecroft preview poster map.
  • Crooked Staff Publishing's 2.5D Dungeon and Sci-Fi tile sets.
  • Squarehex pads, notebooks, booklets, beermats and mugs.
  • A spinner full of Reaper Bones minis.
  • The Sorcers' Enclave and Dwarven Stronghold posters by Aaron Howdle.
  • Black Pudding zines issues 1-5 and Black Pudding Heavy Helping books (2 only).
  • Character, plot, treasure and location cards.
  • B/X Gangbusters books.
  • The King of Dungeons books.
  • DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter Edition boxed set and module collection (1 only).
  • DCC foil cover hardback (1 only).
  • MCC foil cover hardback (1 only).
  • Samples of our Combat Counters that are currently live on Kickstarter.

Plus a few more bits and pieces. If you can make it please stop by and say hello. There's also plenty of other indie/OSR traders there including Just Crunch, All Rolled Up, LotFP, Necrotic Gnome and Melsonian Arts Council.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Combat Counters Kickstarter is Live!

My next Kickstarter is now up and running. This time I'm going to produce sets of dry-wip counters for tabletop games. There are several designs and 2 colour choices. If we hit some Stretch Goals then more colours get added. There's also a Designer Pledge Level where you get to brief the design for a counter and then we add it to the project. I shall bring some samples of the counters to Dragonmeet on Saturday 30th November.

Here's a link to the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1730454032/combat-counters/description

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Adventure Design Booklets

I launched this little project last night. Simple A5 booklets ideally formatted for writing adventures for RPGs.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Gamers' Notebook Grid/Hex Version is Live on Kickstarter

I've just launched a new campaign on Kickstarter to fund the final print run in a series of three of our Gamers' Notebooks. This time One side will have 7mm hexes with a outline for a 15 hexes high superhex. The facing page will have a 6mm grid. Both pages will have lines at the bottom of the page for writing notes.


Monday, 10 June 2019

Gamers' Notebook Hex Version is Live on Kickstarter

I've just launched a new campaign on Kickstarter to fund a additional print run of our Gamers' Notebooks. This time the notebooks will have 17mm hexes arranged in an 8 across 10 down format on one page, and lines for notes on the facing page.


Black Hack Mugs, Badges, and Plectrums

I've just added some mugs featuring Karl Stjernberg's excellent covert art from The Black Hack Second Edition cover to Squarehex. Get them here:


I've also added some Black Hack button badges and plectrums to the site. 
All orders for mugs placed before the end of June will get a free badge and plectrum with each one.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

UK Games Expo

It's the UK Games Expo this Weekend at the Birmingham NEC. The Black Hack 2nd Edition has been shortlisted as Best New RPG. We're up against Runequest and Forbidden Lands. There's a Judges' Award and one voted for by the public. It would be great if we could win an award and if you'd like to support us you can do so by downloading the UK Games Expo App (Google or Apple) and voting for us. While you're on the app please lend your support to Paul Baldowski of Just Crunch Games whose Cthulhu Hack adventure Valkyrie Nine has also been shortlisted. It would be great to see one or both of these awards go to us small press publishers.
If you're going to the show please stop by and say hello. We're in Hall 1 Stand#256 (we're near LotFP, All Rolled Up, Melsonian Arts Council, Patriot Games and all the other best indy exhibitors).

In other news we've just had a small batch of mugs created featuring Karl Stjernberg's cover art images from the main rule book. The mugs will be released at the Expo and will cost £6 each. I've also held back a few that I shall add to the Squarehex site next week. Along with the mugs we should have button badges and plectrums if they arrive in time.