A5 Gamers' Hex Notebooks

A5 Gamers' Notebook Hex Version -- Kicktraq Mini

Monday, 10 June 2019

Gamers' Notebook Hex Version is Live on Kickstarter

I've just launched a new campaign on Kickstarter to fund a additional print run of our Gamers' Notebooks. This time the notebooks will have 17mm hexes arranged in an 8 across 10 down format on one page, and lines for notes on the facing page.


Black Hack Mugs, Badges, and Plectrums

I've just added some mugs featuring Karl Stjernberg's excellent covert art from The Black Hack Second Edition cover to Squarehex. Get them here:


I've also added some Black Hack button badges and plectrums to the site. 
All orders for mugs placed before the end of June will get a free badge and plectrum with each one.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

UK Games Expo

It's the UK Games Expo this Weekend at the Birmingham NEC. The Black Hack 2nd Edition has been shortlisted as Best New RPG. We're up against Runequest and Forbidden Lands. There's a Judges' Award and one voted for by the public. It would be great if we could win an award and if you'd like to support us you can do so by downloading the UK Games Expo App (Google or Apple) and voting for us. While you're on the app please lend your support to Paul Baldowski of Just Crunch Games whose Cthulhu Hack adventure Valkyrie Nine has also been shortlisted. It would be great to see one or both of these awards go to us small press publishers.
If you're going to the show please stop by and say hello. We're in Hall 1 Stand#256 (we're near LotFP, All Rolled Up, Melsonian Arts Council, Patriot Games and all the other best indy exhibitors).

In other news we've just had a small batch of mugs created featuring Karl Stjernberg's cover art images from the main rule book. The mugs will be released at the Expo and will cost £6 each. I've also held back a few that I shall add to the Squarehex site next week. Along with the mugs we should have button badges and plectrums if they arrive in time.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

A5 Gamers' Notebooks

The A5 Gamers' Notebook Kickstarter has got just under a week left to run. It's already funded and I'm now also doing some work on designs for the follow-up campaigns.

I'm planning two additional notebook designs. I'll run short Kickstarters for each of them in quick succession. The first one is a hex notebook with large 17mm hexes on one page and a smaller 7mm hexes on the other.

The large hexes are arranged as 8 columns by 10 rows making them ideal for charting Traveller subsectors. At this stage I'm not sure whether to add numbers to these hexes and would welcome feed back on this.

The smaller hexes are arranged with a larger 15 hex super hex outline and a marked centre hex. This is the same format that I use on my existing A5 hex pads.

The other version of the notebook that I'm planning has the same 7mm hex design as above but the left page will have a grid along with a lined section.

Both of these notebooks will have 50 sheets and will be printed on 120gsm paper. In the images the heavy black lines near the margin won't be printed and are just a guide to dhow where the wiro binding holes will extend to.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

A5 Gamers' Notebooks Kicstarter is Live

I've just launched a Kickstarter to fund a reprint of our popular A5-sized Gamers' Notebooks. The design is almost the same as the previous version. I've increased the paper thickness and reduced the number of sheets to keep the overall weight of the book the same as last time (an important factor when posting them out). The only other small change is that logo on the back cover will be moved to the inside back cover and reduced in size.


It's a short campaign ending on Monday 22nd April. As soon as I've posted the rewards for it I hope to launch a new campaign for a version with hexes.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Last Weekend for Black Hack Pre-orders

Having finished sending all The Black Hack Kickstarter rewards last week, I'm now almost finished sending out the pre-orders. I'm going to leave the pre-order products up for sale until the end of Sunday so if you'd like to snag one of them now's the time to order.

After the pre-orders close I'll be putting up The Black Hack range for general sale, but the pre-orders will be better value and they are the only way outside of Kickstarter to get one of the exclusive copies of the book with a cloth/silver cover.

Here's a link to them:


Friday, 16 November 2018

Garadur's Plateau Megadungeon Poster Map

I've just received a very limited print run of this giant megadungeon map by Charley Phipps. The prints are B1 sized (1000 x 707mm 39.4 x 27.8 inches) and printed on matt white paper. I've added some of them to my site (see link below) and I'll be taking the rest with me to Dragonmeet in December.