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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Oubliette Issue 9

After an almost 3 year hiatus, I'm pleased to announce that a new issue of Oubliette is just a week away from publication.

Issue 9 will be released on Sunday 12th April in both PDF and print versions. Whilst the new issue retains the characteristic look and feel of past issues, it is now in a smaller, A6 format. This means that the PDF is better suited to viewing on tablets, but more importantly, makes printed editions more viable.

The PDF edition will be available from at the launch price of $1.00 until the end of April, after that it will be $1.50. There is also a new bundle option for the 8 back issues of Oubliette which saves over a third on the total separate selling prices.

The printed edition of Oubliette Issue 9 will cost £1.50 plus postage. I will add paypal buttons to the blog here, and also add it the Squarehex site. As a bonus I will be releasing a code for a FREE print copy with any Squarehex order over £5.00.

A printed copy of Oubliette Issue 9 will also be included in the April Mythoard.
See:!blank/ctpu for details.

Here's a sneak peek of the cover and the contents of the new issue:

Issue 9 Contents:

  • Tales from Hell
  • Editorial
  • The Fella in the Cella
  • Book of Lost Spells
  • Found Familiar The Bat
  • These Boots Were Made for...
  • Monster Club #17 Titanoboa
  • Pool of the Titans
  • D20 Hit Point String Generator


  1. That is great news!! It was always my favourite of all the OSR zines! I shall be ordering a print copy as soon it comes out!!

  2. I want to contribute

    1. We're not taking any submissions at the moment, but if we get back to a regular publication schedule that might change.