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Monday, 27 April 2015

Geomorphic Beermats on Kickstarter!

I've had such a great response to my earlier Geomorphic Beermats post, that I thought what the hell and have decided to launch a very short Kickstarter to fund a bigger print-run of them.

The project is live now and may be found here:

It only runs for 6 days and finishes on Sunday 2nd May at 10pm. It needs to be short as I want my next planned campaign to be up and running before the end of May so I can promote it at the UK Games Expo.

If you have bought, or are considering buying some of the existing Beermat stock from the Squarehex site, you will notice that the prices on the Kickstarter are lower, thanks to the volume discount for a bigger print-run. If the campaign is successful, I will issue partial refunds to anyone buying through Squarehex in advance, thus ensuring that they pay the same total price as the Kickstarter backers.

Please help spread the word. I'm off now to drink my last bottle of Hobgoblin!

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