Thursday 26 July 2012

1978 Advanced Character Sheet Redux


This character sheet is a reworking of a D&D character sheet produced by Games Workshop in 1978.  I've remade it from scratch in Scribus and exported it to PDF.  It is a great sheet, but a few things struck me as strange whilst I was putting it together.  Firstly, there are no sections for recording Saving Throws or  Movement Rate.  Also Magic Attack Adjustment (Magic Att. Adj. on the sheet) is listed under both Wisdom and Constitution so I removed it from Constitution.  Finaly, there are spaces to record 15 languages and 15 weapon proficiencies, which seems to be overly generous on a sheet that is missing arguably more important sections.  These are not major issues though, as the Notes section can take care of any extra details.  I may take another look at the framework of this sheet in the future.  It would be interesting to see how it would look if it were reworked for Labyrinth Lord and/or the AEC.

Backers of the OSR Character Sheet Campaign will get a copy of this emailed to them at the weekend.  I will also include the PDF as one of the extras in Oubliette Issue 9.  However, as that is a long way off, if any Followers of this blog email me (, then I'll send them the PDF when I do the other emails this weekend.