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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Black Pudding 4 Print Edition Out Now!

Printed editions of Black Pudding 4 are now available to order. They may be ordered using the Paypal button below (if all you want is a single copy then this gives discounted shipping as the packed weight is under 100grams)

Black Pudding 4
Black Pudding Issue 4

If you've not got copies of the previous issues in print then there is also the following special bundle with world-wide shipping included. For a customer in the US this should save £4.00 - £5.00 on the normal cost including delivery if the items were ordered via Squarehex. The bundle contains:
  • 1 copy of Black Pudding Issue 1
  • 1 copy of Black Pudding Issue 2
  • 1 copy of Black Pudding Issue 3
  • 1 copy of Black Pudding Issue 4
  • 1 copy of The Little Book of Dungeons
  • 1 copy of FOSSIL B/X Character Generation

Black Pludding 1-4 Special Bundle
Black Pudding Issues 1-4 Special Bundle

Copies may also be ordered from the Squarehex site using the following links:



Black Pudding Issue 4 Premium Bundle

1 comment:

  1. Love this issue but confused somewhat on the thief. Does the thief automatically have access to all normal thief skills like picking locks and finding traps at level 1? And when stacking does he get the +1 AND the special benefit if any? Or do you have to pick one or the other? And I assume you can pick any specialty up to 3 times? So backstab stacked 3 times would be x5 damage for example?