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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

UK Games Expo Flyer

Oubliette/Squarehex has a stand at this weekend's UK Games Expo.  We will have for sale copies of Oubliette and various OSR publications, including some that are tricky to find in the UK.  We will also have lots of PoGI pads and accessories, plus, if they are printed in time, our new A3 and A5 pads.  Our stand is number P39 in the Palace Suite.  If you're at the show please drop by to say hello.

I put together a small A6 flyer/price list for the show just for fun.  It reminds me of some of the adverts in gaming magazines from the 80s.


  1. Wow. Wish I was going...although my wallet is probably grateful I'm not. Are the the OSR titles LULU printings? And will you be putting anything left after Games Expo up for sale on the Squarehex webstore? There's quite a few things I'd like to pick good copies of the Basic & Expert books amongst other things!

    1. Most of the titles are from Lulu. Some are just single copies but for a few I've got several copies. I'm not sure how well it will all sell at the Expo, but the stand was cheap so I'm not worried. Anything that doesn't sell at the show will eventually find its way on to the site. I think I've got 3 sets of B/X books ranging from tatty to reasonable.

    2. Well, I hope you do well at the Expo...but I'll be keen to see what's left!