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Monday, 18 July 2011

Oubliette Issue 6 for FREE!

Issue 6 of Oubliette is due for release next week.

Following the terrific response we had to the Issue 5 giveaway, Issue 6 will also be available for a limited period as a free download from

Here's an advance look at the contents:
  • Tales from Hell – Kobold Skool 
  • Monster Club #9 – Skeleton Lord 
  • Petty Gods Preview Feature 
  • Newland – A Fantasy Campaign Setting 
  • Shame of the Shaman – A Labyrinth Lord Adventure for 3rd to 4th Level Characters 
  • Goblin Quest – A New Serialized Cartoon 
  • Monster Club #10 – Expanded Labyrinth Lord Encounter Tables 
  • Fighter in Plate – A Guide to Plate Mail 
  • Found Familiar – The Raven 
  • What's in the Oubliette? – A Selection of Gaming and Other Reviews 
  • Mouse Watch – Legends of the Watch 
  • The Song of Sithakk – Part 6 of our Serialized Story

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