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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lego Heroica Now Listed on Amazon UK

Following up on the Lego Heroica post last month, here's an update with more details of the four Heroica sets and their prices. The details are from Amazon UK and Thistle Games (I checked the US site but they don't seem to have listed them yet).

Castle Fortaan
The Goblin King and his horde have captured castle Fortaan. Infiltrate, recover the Goblin King’s battle plans and do a runner with the Helm of Protection.
304 pieces/ £19.99

Waldurk Forest
Beat up on the Dark Druid’s monsters and rob him of the Chalice of Life. “Use all your skill and power,” probably tells us much of what we need to know about the Heroica rule set.
225 pieces/ £14.99

Driada Day
More goblins, busy starving the local populace. Slay the Goblin General and his evil minions before skipping off with the Crystal of Deflection.
101 pieces/ £9.99

Caverns of Nathuz
There’s a Golem Lord busy using the Sceptre of Summoning for what it was made to do. Guess what? Yeah, kill the monsters, dismember the Golem Lord and pocket the sceptre.
217 pieces/£14.99

The prices are in line with previous lego games. In anticipation of these games, I've bought a couple of older games, that I think could be used as diy expansion sets for Heroica. They are: Lava Dragon and Ramses Pyramid, both of which are often available at discounted prices. I suspect the Heroica sets will also be discounted at various outlets, but maybe after they've been released for a few months.


  1. These sets will provide the 'lead in' for a whole new generation of potential 'classic gamers'...

    Old School publishers would do well to study these and try to get into the toy distribution channels.

    Plenty of people bought that D&D Basic box in a toy store back in the day...

  2. I've seen some of the other Lego adventure sets, still watching the shelves for this one to appear.