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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last 7 Days of the Oubliette Issue 5 Giveaway

There's now just one week left to grab a copy of the latest issue of Oubliette for free, nada, gratis.

The PDF can be downloaded from rpgnow.com

Then, if you like it, you can head over to Lulu.com and buy a printed version.


  1. Just got mine, thank you very much. I do like the Cleric spell cards - they'll be great for handing out to my junior players so that they can keep track of which spells they've cast. Have you done a MU one yet or is that in the pipeline? (thinking about compatibility with AD&D as well)

  2. I did they MU cards with issue 4, which can be picked up at rpgnow. I might do spells from the Labyrinth Lord AEC next, as it'd be nice to have a full set.