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Monday, 8 June 2015

Trying to Decode Kicktraq's Hot List

I was very pleased this morning to see my Cthulhu poster project had made it back to the #1 slot on Kicktraq's Art Hot List. The project has been somewhere on the list for most of its run, but it hasn't broken through to the main Hot List. Its jump to #1 on the Art list today seems to be purely down to the fact that the project hit 1000% of its original goal.

What's got me puzzled is that it hasn't shown up anywhere on the main Hot List. I've had previous projects on the main Hot List and some even got close to the top for brief periods. The current project is outperforming anything I've done before, but doesn't seem to be registering. I then realized that the arcane formula used to calculate the Hot List must have a weighting element for different categories. All my previous projects have been in the Games category, whereas the poster are in Art.

I don't have a problem with it either way, and remain a great fan of Kicktraq regardless. Anyone else noticed any quirks with Kicktraq's math?


  1. Kicktraq doesn't prioritize one category over another. The hotlist is primarily determined by (a) how many KT users watch/view your project over time (b) how many people talk on your project and (c) what your acceleration over time is on your project. More detailed information can be found here:

    1. Hi Adam, That explains it "(a) how many KT users watch/view your project over time" I'm guessing Kicktraq is used by more gaming fans than art fans. As all my other projects have been in the Games category they've had enough views via Kicktraq to get on the main hotlist.