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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Dungeon Desk Pad Sample Map 3

Stonehell Level 1 Player's Map

This is another sample sheet I've drawn to illustrate uses for sheets from my Dungeon Desk Pad Kickstarter. This time I've shown how one of the sheets could be used to by the players to chart their progress through a dungeon. It is based on the Stonehell (Michael Curtis's excellent megadungeon) game that I am a player in. As it is based on a 5-year old hand-drawn map and notes I apologize for any mistakes on it (as a player I can't look at the book to check it). The columns on either side are used to add details of encounters and places of interest, whilst the small columns below may be used for tracking kill, treasure, etc..

The Kickstarter campaign has reached another Stretch Goal and the sheets in the pad will now be printed on top quality 120gsm paper. The next Stretch Goal will add some useful hex sticker sheets that will allow small outdoor areas to be mapped alongside dungeons all on the same sheets. I've added one to my Stonehell map as an example.


Close-up of a Hex Sticker

Large Hex Sticker Sheet

Small Hex Sticker Sheet

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