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Monday, 8 October 2012

Otherworld Miniatures Dungeon Adventurers Range

Otherworld Miniatures are launching a range of no less than 48 minis in their new Dungeon Adventurer range.  Development of this substantial range is being funded by an Indiegogo campaign.

The image below shows sculpts of the first four adventurers and I have to say they look really great, with bags of personality and real dungeon-ready equipment.


  1. If I had the cash to spare, I'd be in like a shot. These'd look superb painted up (although I'm not keen on the Friar Tuck vibe I'm getting off the cleric)

  2. Presumably they'll eventually be available through their store as there's no way I can pitch in the funds needed to secure the particular figures I want as the campaign stands at present.

  3. Yes, the adventurers will make it into the Otherworld range though possibly not the stretch goal rewards.

    FYI, there is the option to pick and chose from the boxed sets to some extent. For example, you could go in at level 4 and simply email them to say you want the henchmen & hirelings rather than the male adventurers.