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Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Cheapest Character Sheets in the World?

Following on from my last Character Sheet post the bidding on the 1978 shrink-wrapped pad of 50 sheets ended at £132 ($208).  In 1978, Games Workshop sold them new for £1.50, giving the seller a return on the original investment of 8,700%!!!

However, another bidder just manged to snag these Character Sheets for just 99p.  They are actually photocopies of the same ones mentioned above.  For my money, the fact that they are photocopies makes them even more Old School, as that's what most of my Character Sheets were back in the day.

As soon as Oubliette 8 is out next week, I'll devote some more time to the Indiegogo Character Sheet Campaign.  I'm going to include a bonus PDF with the sheets as well as a few additional printed materials.  More details next week, but I will be sure to include a newly-created PDF version of this 1978 Sheet.


  1. They're the very first D&D sheets I remember using. Still got my original copies for my first characters stuck in a box somewhere :)

    1. Excellent, they really are good fun. If you manage to dig yours out could you send me a scan of one? I can re-work the design from the photo, but it I'll get it even closer if I've got a full scan of one as a reference.

  2. I am very much looking forward to the new version of these "old school" sheets. Many thanks in advance!