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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Oubliette In Print!

Printed editions of Oubliette are now available to buy from  All four issues are available individually for £2.99, or as a 140 page compilation for £7.99.  You can get 15% off your Lulu order until 15th December using the promo code STOCKING305 .

If you are in the UK then I have a small number of copies of the compilation edition to sell directly at £9.50, including P&P.  If you'd like one, send me an email and I'll send you a paypal request.


  1. Got my Compilation yesterday! Great to have the issues all together and in print! Thanks.

  2. Glad it got to you safe and sound.

    Anyone who's placed an order through Lulu and sent me an email requesting a voucher for the free supplements should now have them. Thank you again to everyone that's placed orders.

  3. A question regarding the compilation: are the pages renumbered for a single book and is there an table of contents? I ask because some of the other compilations I have seen are basically just sticking the smaller PDFs together (for example, the Fight On! compilation is like that).

    1. They are individually numbered. There's an extra contents page at the front showing the contents of all 4 issues and an extra page inserted inbetween each issue to help break them up a bit. In the future I might do a Compendium or Best Of edition but I'd like to get to a dozen or so issues before that.